What is the Community Impact Directory?

Impact (v.) – have a strong effect on something or someone
Community impact is happening every day around personal and social solutions having a strong effect on individuals, families and communities as a whole.  There are many organizations that make up community impact ranging from non-profits, financial institutions, education institutions, social enterprises, and government just to name a few.  Within those organizations are every day people like you and I who are just doing what we do to try to make a difference.  Impact happens when people come together for the greater good, not just for a particular cause but to help create joy within a community as well.  
Do you know how many support services are in your community?  Do you know of their impact?  Do you need to benefit from the impact of their work for yourself, a loved one or your family?  
Do you want to support organizations or individuals that are having impact within your community?  Do you know how to support them?  What’s the best way to support them?  What do they need?
The PEOPLE Academy and Do It Local have partnered to create a comprehensive Community Impact Directory that brings together all categories of services, support or individuals who are having a direct impact on your community.  The directory listings are constructed in short audio sound bytes, telling you what they do, who they impact and what they need for support.    This directory is a powerful engine that is easy to use.  Just enter your keywords, i.e. homeless, women, veterans, education, financial and you will be able to search for either the support you are looking for or determine where you may want to lend your support either financially or as a volunteer.
Check it out.  Talk about it.  Use it.  This is YOUR Community Impact Directory.